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(Fwd) AR98: Free Skool Registration

Active Resistance is an anarchist gathering happening in toronto 
during the 3rd week of august similar to the event that happened two 
years ago in chicago.  i will be sending out more information as the 
date gets closer. i will be one of the info contacts in the ottawa 
area. check out http://www.tao.ca/~hermes3/resist.htm for more info.

the forms below can be sent either to me or directly to ar98@tao.ca


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Date:          Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:36:45 -0400 (EDT)
From:          Lesley Wood <ap828@freenet.toronto.on.ca>
Subject:       AR98: Free Skool Registration
To:            ar98@tao.ca
Reply-to:      ar98@tao.ca

Free Skool Workshop Registration
Please complete this form by July 15th if you are interested in doing a 
workshop at Active Resistance. 

Workshops will be taking place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of 
the week of August 17 - 23rd. We will try to schedule you as best we can. 

Any questions, contact us at resist@tao.ca

Lesley from the Activities Crew - AR 98

> Name of Workshop:
> Description of Workshop for the Programme:

> Format of workshop:
> hands on ( )
> speaker ( ) 
> discussion ( ) 
> video ( ) 
> panel ( ) 
> Maximum number of participants:

> Participants: (ie women only, people of colour, everyone etc)
> Space needs (outside, big room, quiet space etc.):

> Audio visual needs: 
> VCR and monitor ( ) 
> slide projector  ( ) 
> other: ___________________________
> Scheduling preferences (we'll try):

> Contact person:
> Contact info - address and best way to reach you:



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