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Final "Celebration of Diversity" Organizing Meeting

July 1 Event details and endorsements can be found at the bottom of 
this message.

The final organizing meeting for the July 1st event "Celebrating Our 
Diversity" will be held at Simard Hall rm 221 at the University of 
Ottawa (165 Waller St.) at 7pm on Monday, June 29. The room is 
wheelchair accessible from the entrance between Simard and the Arts 

The event is being organized by a wide coalition of cultural, human rights, 
and other organizations who wish to promote the diviversity of 
peoples who make up the Canadian mosaic.    The event hopes to 
challenge the way people think about discrimination based on race, 
gender, sexual orientation, class, ability and other forms of 
difference. It is a direct and open response to hate and hate groups.

Groups and individuals who are interested in helping 
with either pre-event organizing or organizing activities and 
information tables for the July 1 event are encouraged to attend 
Monday's meeting.

Please contact us if your organization can endorse this action.

Contact Nick <nick@nanometrics.ca> with information on 
activities for the day or ron collins <ron@tao.ca> with 
endorsements or other inquiries.

Please distribute widely.

ron collins

July 1 Details:

The day's activities will include poetry, live music and drumming 
(bring a drum or other noise making devices!), information tables,
games, food from around the world and speakers as well as anything 
you think would add to the festivites. Feel free to contact the 
organizers about patching into our sound system or setting up a table 
or event to be run by your progressive organization.

When: Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Where: Minto Park (Eglin & Gilmore)
Festivities will run from 2:30 till 5:30

This is an alcohol and drug free event.

Endorsing Orgainizations:

CAW Local 567
The Canadian Federation of Students
Industrial Workers of the World
International Federaltion of Iranian Refugees
International Socialists
National Federation of Pakistani Canadians
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Ottawa-Carleton CUPE District Council (Executive and the International
	Affairs Committee) 
PSAC (National Capital Region; Political Action Committee; and
	Racially Visible Action Committee) 
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