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Celebrating Our Diversity!

"Celebrating Our Diversity" is an alternative Canada Day event aimed 
at helping Canadians enjoy and gain understanding into the 
multiplicity of life experiences that the people living in this 
country share.  

We will be partaking in the cultures and knowledge of the people of 
the world living in Canada through music, food, discussion and games.

We invite you to join us in an environment that does more than just
'tolerate' difference. 

Speakers will address a broad scope of issues including racism, 
homophobia and the new colonialism of big business.

The celebrations will take place in Minto Park from 2:30 to 5:30 on
July 1st.  In the event of rain, we will be moving to the PSAC
building on the corner of Metcalfe and O'Conner.

A limited number of tables will be available to groups wishing to sell
food.  You may bring your own table. 

Bring a drum (or other instrument)  to make some noise with us at our
drumming circle.

For more information, contact ron at 236-4103.
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