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[kerryp@jungle.ottawa.on.ca: East Timor Freedom Camp]

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    From: kerryp@jungle.ottawa.on.ca (Kerry Pither)
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    Subject: East Timor Freedom Camp
    Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 14:34:57 -0400

    ***Join the East Timor Freedom Camp***
    Thursday, July 16th until Sunday, July 19th.
    At the human rights monument (Elgin and Lisgar Streets)
    July 17th is “Integration Day” in East Timor – a day when every year East
    Timorese are forced to “celebrate” Indonesia’s brutal occupation of their
    This year, East Timorese plan to step up their peaceful protests for the right
    to self-determination and an end to the military occupation. 
    Please join exiled Timorese activist Bella Galhos and ETAN as we camp in
    solidarity with those brave protesters from July 16 until July 19 – part of an
    international week of solidarity for East Timor.
    Drop in and visit, or better yet, bring a tent and stay one night or more in
    We have lots of activities planned over the four days and three nights, so
    please give us a call for more information or to help.
    For more information please contact the East Timor Alert Network at (613)
    e-mail: etanott@etan.ca or visit the ETAN/Canada web page at www.etan.ca
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