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Information Evening on SUDAN

Invitation to an Information Evening on the Sudan

Friday, 24 July, 7 pm
Catholic Immigration Centre, 219 Argyle Street

Once again the international media is reminding us of the worsening
situation in the Sudan with shocking images of people dying of hunger.
According to World Food Programme, 2.4 million people are threatened with

The ad hoc working group on the Sudan, composed of Sudanese community
members and individuals from local NGOs, invites you to participate in an
information evening on the Sudan.

The purpose of the evening is to shed some light on the situation,
including the role of Canadian foreign policy, and establish an active
network to respond. Members of Sudanese communities in Ottawa, local NGOs,
the government, and interested others will be present.

Draft Agenda

Information (7:00 to 9:00)

1. Introduction: Objectives of Evening

2. short video from BBC

3. Panel - Current Famine Situation in Sudan

        ?representative from Sudanese-Canadian community
        Gaetane Gascone (OXFAM) - OXFAM's response and difficulties in

        Dr. Mike Bonsu - The situation in the African context

4. Questions and comments

5. Canadian Dimension

     a. CIDA's role                           David Ross (to be confirmed)
     b. Oil and Candian Foreign Policy        Colin Stuart (Quakers)

6. Immediate relief/where to channel funds    Colin Stuart

7. Questions and comments

Business (9:00 to 9:30)

7. Formation of Steering Committee

8. First Meeting


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