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Upcoming Event/ Microcredit


Event:          Brown bag lunch presentation 


Speaker: 	Sam Daley-Harris
	        Director, Microcredit Summit Campaign
		President, RESULTS International
		RESULTS Education Fund
		Washington DC

Organized by:   South Asia Partnership Canada & Results Canada

Date: 		Friday, July 24, 1998
Time: 		1 to 2.30 PM
At:		Suite 204
	        1 Nicholas Street

In 1997 RESULTS International convened the Microcredit Summit in Washington.
As follow-up of the Summit, the Meeting of Councils was held in New York
this past June 25-27, following the CGAP meetings, to discuss the progress
made since the Summit and the next steps towards the Summit's goal.

At this afternoon-presentation, Sam Daley-Harris will debrief on the Summit
and on the  follow-up meeting held in New York. This will be an opportunity
to hear the latest news from the Summit Director and get your questions

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance by Thursday, July 23, 1998 
at (613) 241 1333

For more information:
Faruq Faisel, South Asia Partnership Canada
Phone: (613) 241 1333, Fax: (613) 241 1129, E-mail: sap@web.net
Gordon Walker, Results Canada
Phone: (613) 225 1986 or (613) 238 4659, E-mail: cccgwalk@web.net

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