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WRFE Meeting Thurs. Aug. 6 @ 5:30pm

There will be a Welfare Recipients for Fair Employment (WRFE) meeting
Thursday August 6 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, at the Social Planning Council, 256
King Edward Ave., 3rd Floor.  All are welcome to attend; tell/bring others
you know who are interested in fighting
workfare and defending social assistance recipients' rights.  The following
is a preliminary agenda:


Tabling of the previous meeting's minutes

Report on events and activities since previous meeting

Update from the organizing group (communications, coordination, research,

Update from the community

Questions and answers / information-sharing

Action items (debate, motions and votes)
1. approval of brochure
2. approval of purpose and aims document
3. striking of membership, by-laws and credentials committee (if possible)
4. approval of poster
5. volunteers to distribute poster
6. volunteers to update and track voice mail system
7. election of media liaison
8. approval of letter opposing workfare and its proposed extension to the
private sector 

Other business

Sorry about the late notice for this meeting.  You can reply to me if you
have any questions.  Some people have mentioned that they would prefer an
emphasis on action items -- we may shift the order of the agenda around
somewhat to accomodate peoples' needs.

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