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Re: WRFE Meeting Rescheduled

John Hollingsworth:

What is it going to take to get off your list here. Again I do not want to
be affiliated with SPC (Social Planning Council)or the WRFE (Welfare
Recipients for Fair Employment) because I know you are on a sell out trip
that will actually hurt the poor's ablity to organize and fight back.

I am outraged that you have taken the position on the WRFE mandate that
some workfare
should be preserved for those worfare victims who believe they are given hope
of finding a job on workfare.

Your predecessor the SARC (the Social Assistances Recipient Council) also a
recipient group sponsered by the SPC  also claimed to speak for welfare
recipients. SARC spoke out in favour of implemention of the SARC (Social
Assistance Review Committee) report called "Transitions" which recommended

SPC promoted this report for 10 years. SPC had their in house SARC Action
of Ottawa Carleton and the SARC (Social Assistance Recipients Council) for
recipients who they funded.
A great deal of the money SPC got to campaign on the report was from
Laidlaw Foundation
right wing money with big sellout strings and the government itself also
with sell out strings.

Proof that "Transitions" recommended workfare is to be found on page 235 of
the report recommendation 79.
And I have a copy of a letter to Primier Rae dated March 21, 1994 from SPC
demanding that the
government implement the SARC report.

Most recently SPC lobbied the Ottawa Carleton Regional Goverment to have
the workfare program
monitored rather than abolished. Guess who go the funding to monitor
workfare rather than to help ablolish it. And this is ironic because the
region has acutally been forced to implement workfare and they have been
much more
active about opposing workfare than SPC has ever been. All the top Regions
officials have publicliy condemned it as immoral, illegal and ineffective.

I find your actions in support of workfare hypocritical and distructive and
I hate this more
than out and out right wing destruction which at least tells you where they
are coming from.

When I first learned of your WRFE workfare friendly mandate and requested
you to take
me off your mailing list you tried to say that you and I are aligned. Well
John not on
you life.  I am an ablolute workfare abolishionist and SPC blood funding
perks (space for meetings,
money for research, pamphelets, photo copies etc.) be damned.

The article in yesterday's citizen quoting SPC mucky Susan Learoyd says it
all. She supports
workfare like painting the Nepean Arena because it leads to a real job. And
of course this matches
your sellout WRFE mandate to preserve some workfare for those who hope they
will get a real job at the end.

BS if it lead to a real job it would not have to be a mandatory do or die
program. Bob Crook program director has said publicly many times from at
least 1988  that the Region
ran voluntariy workplacements for years which always had  major line ups of
recipients waiting to get on. So why the coersive element?

Why the f@#$ would anyone hire someone
to do work they can get free workfare labour for. All this BS is going to
do is drive
recipients on to the streets, and down scale wages and working condtions which
is the real corporate agenda.

The citizen article was raving that young people were hired on workfare to
get painting
experience painting the Nepean Arena. Well does this not turn any lights
on. The
Nepean Area would have had to employ young people to paint it for at least
minimum wage.
if it were not from the free labour workfare program.

By the way in countries that practise child labour the exact same rational
is used. They
are getting work experience the system claims.

I am going to make it my personal responsiblity to exposs both SPC and WRFE
so the poor
can have at least a fighting chance to resist warfare.

Furthermore, I have never had anyone refuse to take me off their mailing
list before.
This is my fourth request of you to take me off you mailout list. I am
going to enquire
on Freenet policy. And taking me off you list includes cc to my address
when you post on

Protest, Resist and Surpass, Jane Scharf

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