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Re: WRFE Meeting Rescheduled

Dear Jamie:

No problem Jamie if John Hollingsworth and Ron Collins do not post their
future Workfare Recipients for Fair Employment notices on OPRIG with a
private c.c. to myself I will have no need to post my response
on OPRIG events. I do understand that it is not a discussion group.
Insidently I have made four
requests of John and one of Ron personally to take my  address of their
persoal mailing list
before this crossposting to OPRIG took place. And I am contacting Freenet
adminstrators to see if they can help
address John's refusal.

Thank you for your polite address to this deviation of the list mandate.

Protest, Resist and Surpass,  Jane Scharf

At 6:03 PM -0400 8/6/98, Jamie Kneen wrote:
>thank you for your rant, I found it quite enlightening especially since I
>have little background on the issues (having been out of the country for a
>couple of years) and not directly involved in anti-poverty/welfare
>activity. I am interested, though, so it's good to have different
>perspectives and experience...
>HOWEVER I don't think the OPIRG events list was meant to be a discussion
>space, so I suggest that from now on people carry on conversations
>privately or in some other forum, and that would include John perhaps
>setting up a list specifically for WRFE and not using the OPIRG list for
>seven different notices regarding the same meeting.
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