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job posting

Voisin Housing Co-operative

Immediate Job Opening - Coordinator

Co-op Voisin is situated in the east of Ottawa, Sandy Hill area.  It has 75
units.  The co-op is bilingual and environmentally conscious.

Job Duties

The co-ordinator will be responsible for the overall financial and
organizational co-ordination of the co-op, as well as, property management
and supervision of administrative and maintenance staff.


Candidates for the position must be bilingual, should have excellent
organizational and administrative skills, the ability to communicate
effectively, and work well with people from various cultures and
socio-economic groups.  Computer skills are required (preferably in
word-processing, spreadsheet and accounting software).  Experience working
with volunteers and a volunteer board of directors is an asset.


Full-time, with occasional evening and weekend work;  37.5 hours per week.


Competitive within the co-op housing sector, commensurate with experience.
Benefits include dental, drugs, extended healthcare, life insurance and

Apply to

The hiring committee
Co-op Voisin
440 Wiggins Private, Ottawa
ring #84 or #86
fax:  (613) 565-3050 - please fax resumes before Monday August 24, 1998, 6 pm

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