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Take Back the Night March

To: All   women in Ottawa and the area

Subject: 20th Anniversary of Take Back the Night March

        This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Take Back the Night
March in Ottawa. It you are a woman concerned with the violence against your
collective, you are invited to join the March. It will be held on September
18 at 7:00 p.m.

        In 1997, over 400 women marched from Women Monument at Minto Park to
the Congress Centre where they enjoyed an informatioin fair and party. You
can be part of this bigger and better than ever 20th Anniversary March.

        Take Back the Night Marches have been world-wide since the 1970s as
a way of expressing women anger about all forms of violence and oppression.
But it is also an opportunity for women to gather to celebrate and support
each other in the work we are doing to end violence in our society. The
participants come from all walks of life to share this common objective.

        After the March, women's organizations and groups are invited to
promote their services to the women community. An info fair will be held at
the Ottawa Congress Centre. If you belong to one of those, you can reserve a
table. Tables are limited, so call now to reserve your spot.

For further information regarding the March: Call Ann Rose at Women's Place,
To reserve a table for the Info Fair, call Sue Power (613)789-6097 or Judie
McSkimmings (613) 241-5414.

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