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UNITE picket Sept 12

"Friends of UNITE 1764" are asking supporters to gather at the 
park at Waller and Daly (Daily?) st. (across from UoOttawa) at 
11:30am on Saturday Sept.12th. to demonstrate in solidarity with 
the 38 women of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile 
Employees local 1764 who have been on strike against JB Fields 
since March 23.  At 12 noon the group will go to the Nicholas Street 
entrance of the Rideau centre and hand out leaflets there. Amongst 
other issues, the women were offered a more substantial pay cut 
than the men working in the same factory.  They have been on 
strike for 5.5 months. While the men cross the line. In two weeks, 
according to Tory policy, the women will loose their right to 
automatically return to their jobs regardless of how the dispute is 
resolved.  There have been several actions around the country in 
support of this and several more planned.  Folks from kingston will 
be joining us here in Ottawa. Apparently, the pickets have had 
some effect as Mountain Equipment Co-op is considering not 
stocking the JB Fields line until the strike is over.

can't think of a better union acronym to support!  :)


38 women belonging to UNITE (Union of Needletrades, Indsutrial
and Textile Employees) local 1764 have been on strike against 
sock manufacturer JB Fields in Trenton, Ontario since March 23rd.

Surviving on strike pay of only $75/week, the strikers are fighting
JB Fields' attempt to reduce their wages from an average of $12/hr
to between $7.07 and $10.45/hr. The 12 men working at the plant,
classified as senior employees, have had their wages cut from $13.45 to
$13 and have been crossing the picket line.

Almost two weeks ago, the local again rejected this contract offer by the
company, despite company threats to attempt to decertify the union. The
local is now in a fight for survival, especially as once the strike is six
months old, strikers lose their right to automatically resume their jobs
when the strike ends.

Friends of UNITE 1764 -- a group of community and labour supporters of the
women -- are putting out a call to boycott stores which carry JB Fields
socks. For a complete boycott list check:


We have decided that the boycotts will be most effective if we
co-ordinate targets. We are asking activists in each region to
target three stores: Eatons, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and a third store
to be chosen as a "wild card" depending on local circumstances.

According to workers on the line, Eaton's is JB Fields most important
client. We are urging friends of labour in the Toronto area to make their
own pickets and bring them down to the north entrance of the Eaton Centre,
Saturday August 29 at NOON in order to protest Eaton's use of JB Fields'
products. The boycott of Eaton's will end when they pledge not to carry JB
Fields socks until the strike is concluded fairly.

We also urge supporters outside of Toronto to organise pickets of their
local Eatons... even one person pickets can be effective, and to report
their actions to 3dwb5@qlink.queensu.ca  

Mountain Equipment Co-op is a target because we feel we can put a lot of
pressure on them. They are a small chain, and one which markets to a
constituency in which we have influence: (often socially conscious)

Please consult the boycott list for other targets such as Sears, Club
Monaco, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, etc. We suggest you also complain to
company management about the carrying of JB Fields products.

A template for letters to these companies, and information for leaflets
will be made available as soon as possible at the Friends of Unite site.

Thank you,

Friends of UNITE 1764


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