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Chiapas Benefit Concert

The Ottawa Committee for Solidarity with Chiapas, in collaboration with
OPIRG Carleton


live band music and singers, with
Outcry, Patricio Ponce, Nubia, Colores Andinos and Acalanto (from Montréal)

Latin American Food

Licensed event
on Saturday September 19, 1998, at 8 pm
at the St-Joseph Church Hall, 151 Laurier Avenue East

Tickets available at the door, $7
to support humanitarian aid for the refugees of Chiapas, Mexico

Currently, as a result of the Mexican Government's repressive policy of low
intensity warfare as a response to the demands for Indigenous rights and
autonomy, 20 000 Mayans find themselves unable to return to their homes.
The internally displaced people are surviving in deplorable conditions: poor
shelter, no medicines, little food and no water. They have reached out to
the international solidarity community asking for our help. The Ottawa
Committee for solidarity with Chiapas invites you to come and show your
support for the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico on September 19, 1998, at the
«YA BASTA! Benefit concert and dance for Chiapas»

For more information, contact Margarita Cohen at 228-1942 or

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