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Video on Bovine Growth Hormone

What industry doesn't want you to know about your milk--

Canadian Premier Screening of


a video documentary that was censored because of industry pressure

(BGH is injected into dairy cows to increase milk production)

Video Showing

Monday Sept. 14, 7:30 - 8:30 pm*
Ottawa Public Library Auditorium, Laurier at Metcalfe Free Admission

*Introduced by Elizabeth May, Executive-Director, Sierra Club of Canada

Origin of this Video

Fox TV in Florida pulled this documentary from the air because of pressure
from the manufacturers of BGH. The investigative reporters who produced the
documentary say that they were ordered by Fox TV to omit crucial
information on the hazards of BGH and offered $200,000 in hush money.

When they refused, the reporters were fired. Their half-hour video is
public record in their court case against Fox TV. For more information, see
their website: http://www.foxBGHsuit.com

What is BGH ?

Genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (BGH) is injected into cows to
increase milk production. BGH is approved for use in the USA, but not in
Canada yet.

Scientists at Health Canada have filed a grievance that they are being
pressured to approve BGH even though its long-term safety for human health
has not been established. There are major health concerns, including links
to cancer..

Sponsored by Ottawa Public Working Group on Food Concerns, the Sierra Club
of Canada, the Council of Canadians, and the National Farmers Union. For
more information, call Brad Duplisea at the Sierra Club 613-241-4611

Richard Wolfson, PhD
Consumer Right to Know Campaign, for Mandatory Labelling
and Long-Term Testing of Genetically Engineered Food
500 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, ON  Canada K1N 6N2
tel. 613-565-8517  fax. 613-565-1596
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