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Burma march Sept.18

What: Demonstration and March to Denounce the Burmese Regime's Arrest of
over 300 MPs

Where and When: We are meeting at the Eternal Flame at Parliament Hill at
4:30pm.  We will then march east down Wellington which extends into Rideau
all the way until Cumberland. We will go south on Cumberland to Laurier
where we will turn east all the way to Range Road. We will then continue to
the Burmese Embassy which is at 85 Range Road.

Information Table September 19: There will also be a Burma information table
set up on the Byward Market all day Saturday.  The location will be on the
William Street Mall, the walkway area between Rideau and George Streets.

For more information, call Canadian Friends of Burma at 237-8056.

Why:  September 18 is the 10th anniversary of Burma's current dictatorship's
rule and therefore a good day to condemn the regime's recent arrests.
Burma's junta has unlawfully arrested over 300 members of the National
League for Democracy (NLD) since Sunday, September 6, 1998 and the crackdown
continues.  The arrests are the regime's attempts to force the democracy
officials to either resign their seats or oppose the NLD's plans to convene
parliament by the end of September.

The NLD received 82% of the seats in the 1990 elections but were prevented
from taking office by the Regime.  Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi and her
party have stated they are finally going to lead the country as they were
legally mandated to do in 1990. Burma's military thugs continue to reject
demands by the NLD that the 1990 parliament be convened, saying a new
national constitution must be written first.

At the ASEAN meeting earlier this year in Manila, Canada expressed concerns
about human rights and the restoration of democracy in Burma.  We now urge
the Canadian government to take the next step and implement full economic
sanctions against Burma.

We are demonstrating to show our support of Burma's democratic officials as
well as the People's Parliament and to urge the regime to release all
arrested MPs and leaders immediately.

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