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opirg-carleton's economic justice working group

Hi there,
are you one of the 358 people in the world whose combined wealth is greater
than that of the pooorest 2.3 billion people?

or , are you one of those people whose place in the economy is a little
more precarious.  perhaps you're wondering whether there will be a job for
you when you graduate - a job which pays enough for you to pay off your
student debt and still have a life ?

opirg carleton is starting an economic justice working group to look at
issues of student debt, national and international economics, make the
connections, inform others and lobby/act for change

want to find out more?

come to our first meeting tuesday september 22 from 6-7pm in room 326 of
the unicentre at carleton university (opirg office)  or call 520-2757 or
drop by or e-mail, opirg@carleton.ca
see you there

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