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labour rights calendar


Please notify Campaign for Labor Rights as you develop plans to participate
in any of these events. We can help you connect with other people in your
community who are concerned about sweatshop issues.

The precise date of some of the following actions may not fit local
organizing needs. If your group needs to shift its event to some other date
in the same general time frame as a particular day of action, then that
event certainly would still count as part of the coordinated national action.

Saturday, September 19: HAN YOUNG national action day. Focus on Hyundai
Motors dealerships. Campaign for Labor Rights: (541) 344-5410

September 22-October 3: HAN YOUNG worker East Coast speaking tour. For
itinerary, contact Campaign for Labor Rights: (541) 344-5410

Friday-Monday, October 2-4: Conferences in Washington, DC:
1) The WORLD BANK and the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND and other institutions
whose policies promote the global sweatshop. 50 Years Is Enough: U.S.
Network for Global Economic Justice: (202) 544-9355, <wb50years@igc.apc.org>.
2) INTERNATIONAL DEBT. Jubilee 2000/USA: (202) 783-3566, <coord@j2000usa.org>.

Saturday, October 3: National action day initiates campaign to press
WAL-MART to disclose the name and location of all factories where it
produces. National Labor Committee: (212) 242-3002. Web site:

Monday-Sunday, October 12-18: National week of actions protesting INS RAIDS.
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights: (510) 465-1984

Saturday, October 17: NIKE mobilization. Focus on Foot Locker and other
stores selling Nike products. Contact Campaign for Labor Rights: (541)
344-5410 <CLR@igc.apc.org>.

Friday, October 30: HAN YOUNG action day in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York
City and possibly other cities. Focus on Hyundai Motors dealerships.
Democratic Socialists of America's Youth Section:

Friday, Saturday, December 4, 5: Tribunal in New York City on sweatshop
practices of DISNEY, NIKE and WAL-MART. Disney/Haiti Justice Campaign:

Thursday, December 10: Human Rights Day. WAL-MART/disclosure action day.
National Labor Committee: (212) 242-3002. Web site: <www.nlcnet.org>.

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