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FW: Global Climate Change and Health

To anyone who is interested in climate change concerns....

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Subject: Re: Global Climate Change and Health

Konia Trouton
09/24/98 03:40 PM

For those of you in Ottawa (sorry about the geographic bias)

There will be a public forum on Tuesday October 6th at 7pm.....All are
Alumni Theatre, Southam Hall, Carleton University, No charge admission

The topic is "Who's taking our breath away?"

The speakers are: David Suzuki, David Pengelly, Sierra Club, John Last,
Devra Davis

This is the public launch of a report I collaborated on, bringing the
literature together on the evidence for health effects of fossil fuel
both from air pollution, and global climate change.

I will post the complete report when it is formatted.

Konia (c-5)

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