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Portage for Wilderness, Oct. 24

Saturday, October 24th, 1998
Queen's Park, Toronto


Partnership for Public Lands
World Wildlife Fund, Federation of Ontario Naturalists and Wildlands League

Help us ensure that the province's Lands for Life initiative results in the 
PROTECTION - rather than the DESTRUCTION - of Ontario's wilderness 
heritage.  Decisions on the fate of about one half of Ontario's landbase 
are being made now.  Your participation and support for protecting 
Ontario's wild places is crucial.  It's your land, get involved! Please 
forward this information to any interested parties or listserves!!!

The purpose of the Portage for Wilderness event is to show public support 
for the protection of Ontario's wilderness, and to send a strong visual 
message to national and internatinal audiences as we portage our canoes 
around Queen's Park.

More Details...

Participants WITH Canoes  Canoe unloading will occur at the gathering area 
on St. Joseph St. between 10 AM and 11:30 AM. St. Joseph St. is between 
Queen's Park Crescent east and Bay St.  Please enter onto St. Joseph St. 
from Bay St. ONLY. If you require that a map be sent to you please call 
Andrea at 444.8419 or 1.800.440.2366.

Nearby parking is available. We will ensure your canoe is checked in, safe 
and well cared for while you park your vehicle.

It is a good idea to mark your canoe with a personal identification tag in 
addition to what we will provide.

The Portage will begin at 12 PM from St. Joseph St. and will be 
approximately 0.5 km in length.  We will have volunteers to help carry your 
canoe if you get tired!

Please bring blankets or tarps to rest your canoe down at the gathering 
area -we will provide as many as we can!

Participants WITHOUT Canoes  Please arrive at Queen's Park - Ontario 
Legislative Assembly (between University Ave and Wellesley St. West) at 12 
PM. If you require that a map be sent to you please contact Andrea at 
444.8419 or 1.800.440.2366.

Nearby parking is available.

If you are taking the Toronto Transit (TTC) get off at Queen's Park 

Please feel free to bring banners to show your support to "Save Ontario's 

General Information

All canoes and participants will help to form an Ontario pine tree on the 
front grounds of the Ontario Legislative Assembly.  Be prepared to have 
your picture taken by a helicopter!

Please wear bright coloured clothing for the photograph.  Dress warmly - Be 
prepared for all weather possibilities!

Portage for Wilderness t-shirts (100% cotton) will be sold at the gathering 

You may want to pack a picnic and water!

So we can plan?let us know if?

You are bringing a canoe
You need assistance portaging your canoe
You need assigned volunteers because you are bringing more than 1 canoe
You are bringing a banner instead of canoe

Nearby Parking Options

St. Joseph St. at St. Michael's College		$6.00 /day
South west corner of St. Joseph St. and Bay St.	$10.00 /day
Wellesley St. east of Bay St.			$5.00 /day
University of Toronto - King's College Circle 	$4.50 / day
St. Joseph St. east of Bay St.			$1.75 / hour

Schedule of Events

10:00 AM to 11:45 AM -Unloading of canoes at gathering area on St. Joseph 
St. Information, and T-shirt sales will be at this location.
11:45 AM to 1:00 PM - Canoe portage through Queen's Park, down Queen's Park 
Crescent West to the Ontario Legislative Assembly.
1:00 PM to 1:45 PM - Formation of Ontario Pine Tree using participants and 
1:45 PM to 3:30 PM - Speakers and musical entertainment!
3:30 PM -Vehicle retrieval and load canoes from the South Drive of the 
Legislative Assembly.  We do not have to return to the gathering area with 
our canoes~WHEW!

If you require any further information please do not hesistate to call
Andrea at 416.444.8419 or 1.800.440.2366
Partnership for Public Lands
355 Lesmill Road
Don Mills, On
M3B 2W8

The map is also posted on our website: www.web.net/wild

To share transportation from Eastern Ontario to Toronto for this event contact:
    Ottawa Valley Chapter / Section Vallée de l'Outaouais
tel:(613) 730-2797   fax:(613) 730-0005   http://www.cpaws-ov.org
       P.O. Box 3072, Station "D", Ottawa, ON, K1P 6H6
    Defending wilderness in Ontario and Quebec since 1970.

Jean Langlois (now at: langlois@cyberus.ca)

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