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anarchist meeting

From: "ron" <ron@tao.ca>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 00:51:20 -0400
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Subject: The Anarchist Organization (Ottawa)
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several people in the ottawa area have been talking for some time 
now about starting an anarchist organization here.  the idea behind 
this would be to create a space in which anarchists and friends 
could associate and benefit from an increased ability to share 
ideas, resources and experiences in our struggle to resist and 
organize against oppression. it is time we move forward with the 
beginnings of a broader anarchist movement.

i believe that TAO (the anarchy organization) provides a solid 
model for us in ottawa to work with.  TAO is a regional federation of 
local autonomous collectives and individuals involved in 
communications and media, radical activism and social work.

i would like to call together individuals interested in exploring the 
possibilities and implications of starting such a group in the ottawa 

i propose that we meet at my place on oct 16, 6 pm (272 bronson 
apt 304 -- corner of bronson and somerset).

i am suggesting this date as it coincides with the mike harris 
goodbye party on the 17th and possible actions happening on the 
16th. there will likely be TAO people in town from both toronto and 
montreal at that time who might be interested in participating in the 

rsvp if you plan to attend.
the location may have to change depending on the response.

a email list has been created to help facilitate future discussion.
to subscribe, email majordomo@tao.ca and put "subscribe ottawa" 
in the body of the message.

more information about TAO communications can be found at 

the brief summary of TAO's demands are listed below.  the 
complete version is available on the web site.  if you dont have web 
access and would like more details, please let me know.


1) We want freedom. We want the power to resist tyranny and 

2) We want full employment and support for all people, engendering 
political, economic, and social egalitarianism. 

3) We want an end to the robbery of our communities by capitalists. 

4) We want free and decent housing, fit for the shelter of human 

5) We want free participatory education for all people that allows us 
to explore the diverse histories found in our cultures, and the 
diverse roles we all play in the present-day society. 

6) We want an end to all forms of war. We want all people exempt 
from military service. 

7) We want an immediate end to the oppression and victimization 
of peoples at the hands of the state.

8) We want freedom for all political prisoners, and a gradual 
abolition of all prisons, jails, and authoritarian mental-health 

9) We want a justice system that resides in the communities it 
affects, responds to the needs of all within those communities, 
protects the inalienable human rights of all, and seeks resolution 
rather than revenge, equality rather than the protection of elite 

10) We want clean air, clean water, free universal access to all 
forms of media, health care, and public transportation, as well as 
the ability to produce and consume foods, herbs, and drinks, free of
industrial toxins, pesticides, genetic engineering and manipulation. 

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