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Friday Oct. 16 Jeans without Means


As a visual display of the real financial burden students assume when they
go to university, the OPIRG-Carleton Economic Justice Working Group will be
showing just how empty students' pockets are with a creative display of
jeans which have their pockets turned inside out.  This display will be
unveiled at 11:30am sharp (ends at noon),  Friday October 16 (outdoors in
the Tory Quad-in front of the main library) as part of a national and local
student action against Provincial Tory and Federal Liberal policies.

University students face great economic injustice during and after their
university days.  Many people do not even consider going to university
because the costs associated with a university degree are just too
prohibitive.  And many more that attend university scramble to make ends
meet paying the rent, putting food on the table and purchasing the
necessary resources to go to school.  Once they graduate, university
students can expect to feel the financial hardship for years after.
Someone completing university with a student debt of $30,000.00 who
negotiates a loan repayment over 10 years at a rate of 7% interest, will
pay $425.00 a month for 10 years.

What makes this financial reality grossly unfair is that the cost of going
to university could be much less for everyone.  Corporate tax information
shows that while students are paying more than their fair share, many
corporations are not.  For example, in 1996 the Ford Motor Company of
Canada had pre-tax profits of $480,330,000 and no income tax paid.  (see
Unfair Shares: Corporations and Taxation in Canada, 1998).  "That's a 0%
income tax rate.  How many people have that rate of taxation?  A minimum
corporate tax rate of 2% would generate $9,606,600.  This lost tax revenue
could send almost 2,000 students to school with free tuition." says
OPIRG-Carleton Economic Justice Working Group member Brian Edgecombe.

You can help.  We need worn-out jeans.  If you have an old pair of jeans or
other pants (anything with pockets), we'd like them.  We will be collecting
jeans at the OPIRG-Carleton office (326 Unicentre) at Carleton University.
You can also drop off jeans from 10 until 4 on Tuesday October 6 and
Tuesday October 13 in Baker Lounge, 4th Floor Unicentre, Carleton
University.  Give us a call at 520-2757 if you can help out.  Once we're
finished with the jeans, we will be recycling them (those that are fit to
wear will go out into the community).

The OPIRG-Carleton Economic Justice Working Group is a group of Carleton
students, alumni, and community members that are concerned about the future
of student debt and provincial and federal financial policy.
For more information:
Alan Dodson	688-2300 ext. 6059, adodson@chat.carleton.ca

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