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3rd Worldwide UN Vigil, October 23rd

United Nations Day is coming very soon, as well as the *eve* of UN Day
on October 23rd!  The United Nations Association in Canada and the
World Federalists of Canada are organizing a Candlelight Vigil on the
evening of October 23rd. 

According to the Global Policy Forum, more than 50 cities around the
world are organizing vigils this year.  These vigils are being
organized to draw attention to the financial crisis which is crippling
the United Nations.  This crisis is the result of a failure of certain
member States to pay their assessed contributions to the organization. 
Canada is *not* one of those countries ... Canadians should be proud
that Canada consistently pays in full and on time whatever it owes to
the United Nations.  Nevertheless, it is important for Canadians to
join with others around the world to show our support for the United
Nations on the eve of United Nations Day.  

We hope you will join us!  Meet us at the Capital Infocentre on the
corner of Wellington and Metcalfe at 7:30 p.m.!    

For more information, check the NCRB's website at 

or the website of the UNAC National Office at

Hope to see you there!
Al Banner                                 banner@freenet.carleton.ca
United Nations Association in Canada, National Capital Region Branch
----------- learn something about *your* United Nations ------------  
----- WWW  <http://www.ncrb.unac.org/> or "go unac" on the NCF------

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