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Shrimp Aquaculture Event


Increasingly we see advertisements for "All you can eat shrimp" at
"incredibly low prices."  When you include the environmental and
socioeconomic cost of producing shrimp for Western Markets, shrimp deals
are a steal-from local peoples, the land, and the sea.

Shrimp Aquaculture practises cause:
1.The destruction of mangrove forests which causes more severe
tropical   storms such as cyclones and tidal waves.
2.The discharge of biological pollutants
3.the use of chemical pollutants

as well as the dislocation of entire communities and the use of violence
and conflict.

To find out more about this issue which effects us all, 
Come hear AMELIA CLARKE, National Coordinator of the Sierra Youth
Coalition talk about the environmental and social effects of Shrimp

Wednesday October 28, 1998, 8PM.
International Student Centre at the University of Toronto
33 St. George St. at College
Free.  Donations gladly accepted

You can also take a pledge to "Take a Break from Shrimp" and find out
about other Sierra Youth Coalition events.
This event was brought to you by the Sierra Youth Coalition and
OPIRG-Toronto.  For more info, call (416)960-0070 or reply to this

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