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CKCU Funding Drive

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it's that time of year again!  Canada's oldest established campus and 
community radio station is starting its 21st annual Funding Drive.  We are
holding our On-Air Fundraiser from October 23rd (Today!) to November 8th.
The Funding Drive is among the most important events of year at CKCU FM.
The money raised allows us to continue providing quality programming to the
students of Carleton University and the residents of Ottawa-Carleton.  

The phone number to make your generous pledge is 520-3920...1-877-520-3920
toll-free for out of town folks.  You may choose to direct your pledge to
your favourite show and pick up a giveaway (CD, book, tickets, magazine
subscription, etc.) or a tax receipt (CKCU-FM is a charitable organization).

You need not pay right away - all we're looking for right now is a pledge
or a promise to pay at a later date.

CKCU FM 93.1 presents a wide variety of music, diverse cultural
communities, spoken-word programming and provides an opportunity for young
people to have their voices heard.  It is because of this, we have built a
large and loyal listening audience.  We are asking for your help in
spreading the word about our annual Funding Drive.  The donations were
receive from listeners constitute one third of our operating budget, and
every dollar is greatly appreciated. The goal is $93 100 by the end of the
two week period.

Every programmer at CKCU is a volunteer and the money raised goes to pay
for expenses such as equipment, rent, insurance, supplies, etc.

Your help will allow us to forge ahead as the leader in Canadian campus 
and community radio.  

Give till it MegaHertz....520-3920.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity,
Mick Panesar
Board of Directors, CKCU-FM

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