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First y2k Ottawa meeting (Wed. 7:30pm)

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	**** Are we "Y2K OK" in Ottawa? ****

There will be a meeting to discuss what to do about the millennium bug, or
year-2000 (y2k) computer problem and its consequences, here in Ottawa. All
are welcome; there will be introductory y2k brochures and articles. This
first meeting will be casual at my place; I'll line up a public place for
the 2nd meeting soon after.

TIME: Wed 28 Oct, 7:30

PLACE: 218 MacLaren between Elgin and Metcalfe, buzz apt 1004 
(sorry, not wheelchair accessible)

We can talk about how severe disruptions in January 2000 might be. In
addition, we can ask:

1. What are we each doing, or should be doing to prepare? Stockpiling
essentials is an obvious place to start. The Global Millennium Foundation
(GMF) has suggested a $50 one-week survival kit. I might scrape one
together for Wednesday as an example. (GMF is a local group with an
international focus, excellent website: http://www.globalmf.org )

2. What should agencies and businesses be doing? I.e. beyond fixing their
computers, which is important but what role in educating people on getting
ready, on ensuring disaster relief if needed; who will still be able to
provide which community services if, say, power is out for two weeks?

3. What should governments be doing? On the same day, Regional Government
is releasing its second, much larger quarterly y2k report on the state of
preparedness of local services (e.g. 911 is in trouble, reports the Ottawa
Citizen). The preliminary draft is available on the RMOC website in .pdf
format (need Acrobat Reader). I'll print it out for Wednesday. Or check it
out through my y2k website (below).

4. Should we create a group? I call my website "y2k Ottawa" but we can call
it whatever. There are y2k preparedness groups all over North America now,
lots of examples to draw upon. 

Feel free to call or email me on how else to prepare for this first
meeting, or any other questions. Visit my website, http://y2k.inode.org .
The Regional Government is on the "Ottawa" page. 

Best wishes,

Terry Cottam
(613) 236-6433 (if faxing, please call ahead first)

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