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Wed. Nov. 4: Film: "The Big One", benefit for OPIRG

Coming to a theatre near you...

"THE BIG ONE", a film by Michael Moore
Wednesday, November 4, 9 pm
Bytowne Cinema, 325 Rideau St

This is a benefit for OPIRG-Carleton, to help support our work on
environmental & social justice issues.

Tickets only $6, available from: Arbour Environmental Shoppe (800 Bank St),
Mother Tongue Books (1067 Bank St), Octopus Books (116 Third Ave),
OPIRG (326 Unicentre, Carleton University), and at the door.

In "THE BIG ONE", Michael Moore ("Roger and Me", "TV Nation") continues
his comic cross-country odyssey to expose corporate greed. Says Moore:
"Every city I went to, people would tell me stories. Stories about how
their company just posted a record profit and they lost their job; about
how they had to work two jobs and still couldn't make enough to get by.
Everyone was afraid they'd be downsized next. It was clear that even
though things were better for corporate America, the 'good-times' were not
trickling down to the rest of the country."

With camera in hand, Moore goes across the USA, asking CEOs the question:
at a time when corporations are making record profits, why are so many
people still in danger of losing their jobs? Along the way, Moore
encounters a CEO who is willing to talk - one Phil Knight, chairperson of
Nike who is uncharacterically candid in front of the camera.

Moore says, "I set out to make a funny, entertaining and hopefully
enlightening movie about what I saw on my trip across America. Ultimately
I hope it will give people a chance to have a good cathartic laugh, and
know that they're not alone... I hope people leave the theaters laughing
and shaking their fists, not in despair but in outrage. A democracy is,
after all, only as good as its participants. If it becomes a spectator
sport, it's all over."

For more information, contact: 520-2757 or 789-FILM.
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