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Sunday Nov. 8 Activist Training

Hi everyone,
come out to OPIRG-Carleton and GRIPO/OPIRG-Ottawa U.'s Activist Training
day this Sunday November 8 from 10-2pm at 280 Metcalfe St. (and
Gilmour-above Colonade pizza), 5th floor.
The day will feature (other than free pizza), workshops on Strategy
building (with Kerry Pither), Media Events (with organizers from the recent
OECD media action-you know the pig mask play), Volunteer coordination and
stress relief.
So come out on Sunday - working group liaisons, OPIRG volunteers and others
- to a great workshop day - it promises to not be boring and very
educational (and fun)!
for more information call 520-2757 or e-mail "opirg@carleton.ca"

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