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Fwd: Poll on GM Food:VOTE

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>From: "Derek Stack, Canadian Environmental Network/Reseau canadien de"
>Subject: Fwd: Poll on GM Food:VOTE
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>>Subject: Fwd: Poll on GM Food:VOTE
>>>From TOES
>>>Forwarded message:
>>>CNN is conducting a poll on whether you would eat genetically
>>>engineered food. All you have to do is click "yes" or "no"-- it takes two
>>>Please vote!
>>>Just click on the link below (or copy it to the address bar of your
>>>Please pass this on to friends whom you think are concerned about this
>>>Roger Windsor
>>>Spectrum Magazine
>>GreenPlanet Social Justice & Ecology Network
>>PO Box 548, Windsor ON  Canada,  N9A 6M6
>>Voice:  519-973-1116  Fax 519-973-8360
>>E-mail:  riccawu@mnsi.net
>>web page: http://www.mnsi.net/~cea
>Derek Stack
>National Caucus Coordinator/Coordonnateur de caucus nationaux
>Canadian Environmental Network/Reseau canadien de l'environnement
>300-945 rue Wellington Street
>Ottawa, ON  K1Y 2X5
>T: (613) 728-9810 ext. 22
>Fax/Telecopieur: (613) 728-2963
>E-mail/Courrier electronique: derek@cen.web.net
Jamie Kneen 					     tel: 613.236.9188
4-259 Cambridge St. North		             fax: 613.236.8632
Ottawa, Ontario  K1R 7B1  Canada		e-mail: jkneen@web.net
Those who take the most from the table,
teach contentment.
Those for whom the taxes are destined,
demand sacrifice.
Those who eat their fill, speak to the hungry,
of wonderful times to come.
Those who lead the country into the abyss,
call ruling difficult,
for ordinary folk.

 - Bertolt Brecht
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