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Wed: Year 2000, Social Chaos or Transformation?

There will be 2nd meeting to discuss the millennium bug, or year-2000
computer issue (y2k) and how accountable governments and industry are at
fixing the problem. PLEASE RSVP so I know how many are coming.

TIME: Wed 11 Nov, 7:30 

PLACE: 218 MacLaren between Elgin and Metcalfe, buzz apt 1004 
(sorry, not wheelchair accessible)


* Community Preparedness, including 
	- a look at the Regional Government's 2nd y2k report
	- proposal for an emergency support network

* Organizing a workshop, "y2k and accountability"

* anything else on y2k (will have introductory fliers, other resources)

The first meeting had a very small turnout, but a stimulating discussion
with some knowledgable people turned to basic survival matters. Here is a

	- dried food better than canning for storage efficiency and nutritional
value, dried grains especially, dried fruit needed to vary the diet. Also,
teas (herbal especially), coffee or substitute.
	- sprouting wheat, alfalfa etc. highly recommended, easy, tasty,
nutritious, compact storage
	- difficult to store and decontaminate enough water for long periods. New
snowfall can be used if you scrape off the top layer. Strong chance of y2k
problems with our regional water and sewage systems (RMOC report).
	- need to stay tuned to civil defense broadcasts, need long-life batteries
for radios.
	- have camping lights as well as flashlights to illuminate a large area
(and candles of course)
	- people should do a practice drill for two weeks without power to test
their ability to cope

Terry Cottam
(613) 236-6433 (if faxing, please call ahead first)
email 	y2k-ottawa@inode.org 
web   	http://y2k.inode.org 
	(highly recommended article linked to this site: 
	"The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Trandformation?")

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