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Wed: year 2000 mtg ROOM CHANGE

The y2k Ottawa meeting has been moved just one block away from my place to
Jack Purcell Community Centre, Day Care room (first floor). More
accessible, better for meetings. (There's a small cost, donations accepted)

WHERE: Jack Purcell Lane, Elgin south of Gilmour

SAME TIME: Wed 11 Nov, 7:30 

Thanks for your feedback to the first announcement. It ranged from a
concern that we are too "survival" oriented, i.e. that this would make
matters worse by causing a bank run for instance, to a comment that
potential sanitation problems are by far the most pressing concern. 

Everyone and every point of view is welcome. However, the emphasis will
remain on how we should be preparing. We will have resources for people to
examine, including a must-read: the Regional Government's report on their
y2k readiness.

Still interested? TO RSVP PLEASE CONTACT:
Terry Cottam
(613) 236-6433 (if faxing, please call ahead first)
email 	y2k-ottawa@inode.org 
web   	http://y2k.inode.org 
	(highly recommended article linked to this site: 
	"The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation?")

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