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Deadline approaches for landmine detection competition

TO: All interested in participating in Mines Action Canada's Mine Detection
and Removal Technology Research Competition
RE: Landmine Detection/Removal Technology deadline;
Interest in conference call with deminer

1. Please remember that anyone interested in participating in the 1998/99
Mine Detection and Removal Technology Research Competition must submit a
short outline of their project postmarked no later than 30 November 1998.
The outline does not need to be longer than two pages. Your name(s),
university and address must be clearly marked on the project. The contest
category you are applying to must also be clearly marked.

2. If you are interested in participating in a conference call with a
humanitarian deminer with field experience during the first week of
December, please respond with your name and telephone
(email: macmary@web.net) by 19 November.
We will set it up if demand is sufficient.

You can contact Mines Action Canada for further information: macmary@web.net
You can visit the MAC technology competition website for further
information at:

Robin Collins
email: lothcol@magi.com
(Still) fighting the global menace of landmines:

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