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Nov. 20: Lands for Life demo in Peterborough (fwd)

[for info about this demo at ministry of natural resources headquarters,
contact opirg-peterborough, (705) 748-1767. - m.b.]

Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 1998 11:58:18 -0500
Subject:      Rally for Life

November 18th, 1998

Public Action in Peterborough

IN the mere thirty days allotted for public response to the latest phase of
the Lands for Lie proces, people throughout Ontario have mobilized in
action. Concerned Peterborough citizens express theor views at teh Save Our
Lands Rally on Frday, November 20th at noon, outside the Ministry of
Natural Resources on Water Street. A written response will be received by a
representative of the MNR.

This rally is happening in conjunction with a province-wide letter writing
campaign, and a call for people to contact their local MPP. In addition,
there will be an all day rally in Lindsay, Saturday, November 21st at
Victoria Park. All of this action will be follwed by a motion at the
council chambers in Peterborough on Monday, Novmber 23rd.

The Save Our Lands rally will feature speakers and musicians including:
Ramsay Hart, Trent graduate student
Professor Brce Hodgins, Wanapetei Canoe Centre
Ian Attridge, environmental lawyer
Luisa Durante, community activist
Serena Kataoka, OPIRG FOrestry Working Group

For more info, contact OPIRG at 748-1767 or opirg@trentu.ca
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