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proposed amends. Divorce Act: effects on abused/adopted kids


Anne has brought up that there are some ugly implications re: safety of 
children with the new amendments to the Divorce Act.

Children's rights to life and safety are not addressed.  It's all framed 
as if the biological relatives are all able to be trusted with the kids.
While this may be the case in some families, it certainly is demostrably
not the case with families that are heavily dysfuntional.

The bill eliminates the sole custody principal. :-(

I know some people ahve abused teh system before by trying to use
custody to get back at a spouse by way of revenge.

OK so what I'm trying to suss is who would there be who's concerend for
children's rights.  Do you guys know anyone?

Does it make sense to draft a petition to Parliament [the Bill
is before the House] and circulate it and present it to Hedy Fry or
The NDP justice critic?

I think that might help.

Also, it's not at all clear to me where adopted children stand in thsi
mess as rthe rights are to the *extended biological* family for visitation
rights - no check for abusers, etc etc.


any ideas much appreciated... 

PS Marc?  I'm sending this to you becasue I thought you may have a contact
address for Jim Cassidy.

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