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Reminder notice

Reminder to Come out this week to two OPIRG-Carleton events

1)	The Afro-Colombian Struggle:  Territory, Identity and Autonomy
	-come out and listen to two grassroots activists representing the
Afro-Colombian 			Communities Movement (PCN) from the
rainforest region of Colombia's Pacific Coast
	-TUESDAY November 24 at 7:00PM
	-Room 305 Dunton Tower
	-Carleton University
	-Donations appreciated.
	-this is a OPIRG-Carleton's CLAS (Caribbean and Latin American
Solidarity Group) event together with OPIRG-Ottawa U.
	-for more information call 520-2757

2)	Carleton-Cuba Solidarity Day
	-come out and hear two activists from Cuba speak about the
situation there
	-WEDNESDAY November 25 from 11:00AM - 2:00PM
	-Baker Lounge
	-4th Floor Unicentre
	-Carleton University
	-Donations of school supplies and/or computer software (or money to
purchase these items) will be gratefully accepted.
	-this event is brought to you by OPIRG-Carleton, Carleton Communist
Club, and Ottawa-Cuba Connections
	-for more information call 520-3825 or 520-2757

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