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[Fwd: presentation on strategy re: Dudley George (Dec. 9)]

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Subject: FW: Coalition Event in Ottawa
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:42:52 -0500

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The Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George
invitesyou to a meeting. 

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1998  --  6 - 8 pm
Odawa Native Friendship Centre
12 Stirling St., Ottawa   For Info: 235-9956

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations
Declaration on Human Rights, let's talk about violations of
human, civil and Aboriginal rights at Ipperwash Park (a.k.a.
Stoney Point) on the night of September 6, 1995: one person was
killed; another badly beaten; many others were arrested, in a
seemingly arbitrary way, and no charges were ever laid; and, the
media received official releases which falsely accused the
protestors of having guns.

To date, one policeman has been convicted of criminal negligence
in Dudley George's death and sentenced to 180 hours of community
service; he retains his job.  No explanation has been provided by
officials for the lies about guns or the unnecessary arrests.
The officers who beat one man unconscious have never even been
identified.  It is clear - from criminal trials as well as leaked
documents - that Ontario government officials consciously decided
that the OPP should take a confrontational approach towards the
protestors. A local MPP, who -prior to the assault - was known to
be in the OPP command post sending faxes to Ontario Cabinet
members, was quoted as saying that Queen's Park would take a hard
line with the protestors and if people were hurt - so be it.

Thousands of organizations and individuals - including Amnesty
International - have made repeated requests for a full and
impartial public inquiry to the Harris government at Queen's
Park. The Ontario government will not call one. They have not
even permitted an inquest. This stonewalling is in spite of very
strong legal opinion (based on cases such as the Krever Blood
inquiry) that an inquiry can and should go ahead.

Numerous other complaints have surfaced about the treatment First
Nations Peoples are experiencing at the hands of the current
Ontario government. When one examines the apparent 'get tough'
attitude of the current Ontario government towards the Stoney
Point People at Ipperwash Park in the context of this list of
grievances, it is clear that these are not isolated occurrences.
There is a clear pattern of intent to strip the First Peoples of
this region of their right to self-determination.

Come hear a presentation on the current strategy of the Coalition
for a Public Inquiry.
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