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Announcement for SAP Canada's Annual Forum 1998

Please make the post the following announcement:

South Asia Partnership Canada -  Annual Forum 1998
The New Alliance: Local Government and Community Activism

The South Asia Partnership Canada will be hosting its annual forum on The
New Alliance: Local Government and Community Activism, in three locations:
Vancouver December 3-4 at UBC Garduate Students Centre; Toronto December
7-9 at Metro Hall; and December 11 at Parliament Hill, West Block, Room
The forum examines the emergence of decentralized local government
structures in the South Asian region as a precursor for good governance,
and its inextricable link to sustainable human development.  The
convergence of civil society activity with the new emerging local
government structures, have the potential for far-reaching consequences on
inclusion, accountability and effectiveness of the development process. The
South Asian experience will be compared and contrasted to the experience of
decentralization (of services) in Canada.
The forum will provide a unique opportunity for participants to listen to
prominent resource people from South Asia and Canada, including NGOs,
think-tanks, CIDA, local government and academia, and to actively discuss
strategies for participatory change. 
For further information on this forum, please contact: the South Asia
Partnership Canada in Ottawa at (613)241-1333 or e-mail: sap@web.net; or
our partner organization in Vancouver, Hope International at  Tel: (604)
525-5481or e-mail: hope@web.net; or our partner organization in Toronto,
the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) at Tel:
(416)972-6303 or e-mail: ocic@web.net.   Details also available on our
web-site: www.sapcanada..org

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