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(repost) Event Announcement from South Asia Partnership

I've reposted the SAP announcement in plain text below.

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Krishna E. Bera   "volunteer on the loose"

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Reporter's  Notebook  III
Democracy, development & the media

Sponsored by South Asia Partnership Canada (SAP) 
in association with World University Service of Canada (WUSC) 
and the Canadian Association of Journalists

Where & When
Date:       Thursday, December 10, 1998
Time:       7 - 9pm 
Place:      Room 121 Lamoureux Building, 
            145 Jean Jacques Lucier,               
            University of Ottawa

Reporter's Notebook:

Originally launched in 1994 is a series of cross-Canada 
journalist=92s workshops and public presentations linking 
Canadian and South Asian journalists, and educators covering 
development, social justice and media issues.


- Kanak Mani Dixit,  Editor, Himal South Asia Magazine

  Himal, published from Kathmandu, Nepal is well-respected 
  worldwide for its regional and people-centered outlook

- Dick Gordon, Correspondent, CBC Radio One's "This Morning"

  Former Chief of South Asian Bureau of CBC in New Delhi  

     Compare Perceptions  *  Analysis & Experience

                Portrayal & Representation

    Challenges & Dilemas  * Freedom of Expression

        Human Rights    *   Justice *   Democracy   

Policy Issues & Implications    *   People's Participation

For more information contact:  

Janice Burke, SAP Canada  
Ph: (613)241-1333   
Fax: (613)241-1129  
E-mail: sap@web.net

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