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URGENT: pls pass the word, two y2k meetings, Wed/Thu, in Ottawa

NOTE: for reasons unknown, someone has pulled down almost all 300 y2k
posters all over Centretown just hours after they were posted, no matter
how often they're replaced! So it is very important to tell your neighbours
about this meeting. Please help us investigate this bizarre incident.

Here is a Public Service Announcement suitable for radio:

There will be two major public meetings on Y2K to discuss the implications
of the millennium bug, and how we can help ourselves and our neighbours to
prepare for possible disruptions of essential services. 

In Centretown:

Time: 7:30 this Wednesday evening, Dec. 9th
Place: the Alliance Bulding, 233 Metcalfe, ground floor, J.K. Wyllie
Contact: Terry Cottam, President, Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group, call
236-6433, or email y2k-ottawa@inode.org

In Ottawa East:

Time: 7:30 this Thurs. Dec. 10th
Place: Wesley United Church, Main St. at Graham Ave. near the Pretoria bridge.
Contact: Sukhendu Das, call 567-7814, or email sdas@magma.ca. 

All are welcome to both meetings. For more information on how Ottawa
residents can prepare for y2k, visit the website http://y2k.inode.org.

Other information:

Terry Cottam will facilitate both evenings. For the Centretown meeting, the
second hour will be a planning meeting for Centretown. Please come early,
it will be a full schedule. 

We urge citizens everywhere to start y2k neighbourhood preparedness groups
where they live, in collaboration with your local governments, to minimize
hardships due to unpredictable disruptions in hydro, gas, water and other
essential services. Some of these may occur as early as April 1999, when
many fiscal years begin.

We recommend the Y2K Citizens' Action Guide by Utne Reader, a comprehensive
resource. It will be available for just $3 minimum donation.

We reject fear-mongering and aim for preparedness, education and
encouragement. We've adopted the Cassandra Project's motto: "Individual
preparedness is for those who can. Community preparedness is for those who

Best wishes,

Terry Cottam
President, Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group
Founder, Y2K Ottawa, a project of OPIRG-Carleton
(Ontario Public Interest Research Group)
(613) 236-6433

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