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TAO Ottawa Meeting Thurday

The next general TAO meeting will be Thursday at unit 8, 602 MacLaren
St. Call 237-6278 for details. There will be a potluck at 6 and meeting
at 7pm.

The meeting will feature presentations of several proposals for working
groups .
They are as follows:

Freeschools - sharing skills ranging from computing to bicycle repair
to silk screening etc

Anti Trade Liberalisation/Globalization Organizing - is the MAI
dead? or just changing names....

Anti Poverty Organizing - affordable housing, squatting, policing
the police

Radical Reading Group - Bookchin to Marx and everyone in between
(ok... a little broader than that). Deepening the analysis, providing
inspiration, learning from the past. Read the articles or just come out
for the discussion.

Animal Rights/Liberation - veganism, animal testing, fur activism,
the cosmetics industry...

Geek Club - databases for the revolution, alternative virtual space
for progressive groups, technical assistance for resisters (web pages,
email, security)

Demockery's Demize - collectivization of the radio show. take part
in a one hour weekly radio broadcast on human rights issues, local
organizing and the news not making it to a Comrade Black paper near you.
News gathering, editing, interviews, tech. music selection.... something
for everyone.

Direct Action Coalition - a broad group which would simply focus on
organizing and executing direct actions. The idea here is to promote a
fairly wide coalition of community groups working together for social
political change.

Come out to find a group or two that interests you.

For general inquirys, call 236-4103 or mail ron@tao.ca

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