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Urban Forum Lectures

Who:  Urban Forum
What: A LECTURE SERIES ON URBAN ISSUES: Ottawa's X Files, lost visions,
	forgotten dreams
Date: Wednesday, 27 January 1999 
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Champlain Room, Ottawa-Carleton Centre, 111 Lisgar Street    
	(wheel chair accessible)
Contact: Call 613 560-6058 x 1597

Urban Forum: Voices for Changing Times

Institute of Transportation Engineers, International Society of
Arboriculture, Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, Ontario
Professional Planners Institute, Ontario Society for Environmental
Management, Ottawa Regional Society of Architects, Ottawa-Carleton Home
Builders Association, Royal Architectural Institute of anada	

Free lecture

Champlain Room, Ottawa-Carleton Centre, 111 Lisgar Street    

 Ottawa's X-Files: Lost visions, forgotten dreams

      It's the end of the Millennium!  Come and hear a distinguished panel
of historians, critics and professionals highlight some of this century's
unrealized dreams, fantastic follies and some rather perplexing proposals
for the Capital Region.  They will provide a scholarly look back at where we
have come from, and some wisdom for where we are now heading.  

David Gordon, Queen's University School of Urban & Regional Planning, will
discuss some of the great plans for the Capital including the Bennett/Holt
Plan of 1915 and the Greber Plan of 1950.  He will highlight some persistent
planning ideas and themes, link them back to their origins, and in some
cases show how the capital looks remarkably as it was intended.  He will
demonstrate how we have benefited from some of the plans, and how we may be
glad that others have never come to be.   

 Phil Jenkins, journalist and author of An Acre of Time, believes that few
places in our region have such a layering of history as LeBreton Flats.  He
will examine how the pursuit of new urban visions completely changed its
landscape, with a focus on the grand plans of the 1960s and 1970s, and on
the character of the community plowed under in anticipation. 

Barry Wellar, University of Ottawa School of Geography, has a long history as
informed witness to the changing urban form of our region.  He will take us
back to the planning and engineering of the "modern city" during the 1960s and
1970s, drawing out some ideas that have been sadly lost and identifying
others that we might wish away. 
... and coming in March

 Trends in Retail: The future is on sale now	

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation,    Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada,    Region of Ottawa-Carleton

Questions?  Please call (613) 560-6058 extension 1597 

Linda Hoad
136 Bayview Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 2C6

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