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Re: !!!Demo against attack on Iraq!!!

All those who wish to join us tomorrow (Friday) in a repeat demo are
welcome, same time, same place. The US Commander In Chief has indicated
they will bomb for four days, i.e. until Sunday. I don't know if we want to
keep demonstrating until they stop, but I think it would be useful to keep
it up until Saturday at least.


>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: !!!Demo against attack on Iraq!!!
>Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:44:55 -0500
>From: Robert Rival <rr@magma.ca>
>To: opirg-events@ox.org
>Attention all peace-loving activists in Ottawa-Hull!
>*** Thursday, December 17 @12pm ***
>*** US Embassy (Metcalfe & Wellington) ***
>The Ottawa-Hull HANDS OFF IRAQ! Committee (formerly known as the Ad Hoc
>Committee Against US War Preparations in the Gulf) condemns today's US-led
>military attack against Iraq and calls on all democratic and peace-loving
>people from the Ottawa-Hull region to demonstrate on Thursday, December
>17, at 12pm, at the US Embassy (Metcalfe & Wellington).
>The US attack must be vigorously opposed by all democratic and
>peace-loving people in Canada and the world. The US is desperate to impose
>its dictate on any country which does not submit to its wishes to impose a
>unipolar world under US domination. By attacking Iraq, the US, Britain and
>their allies, are declaring to the world that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and that
>all those who do not submit will face military attack.
>At just before 5:00pm EST, on the orders of US President Bill Clinton, the
>US Army, joined by Britain, launched a military attack against Iraq and is
>currently striking Bagdad. The military action is called Operation Desert
>Fox. Air-raid sirens are sounding in Bagdad and the night sky is lit up
>with anti-aircraft fire. The US and Britain have a deadly store of weapons
>of mass destruction shored up in the Gulf area. The US has 22 warships,
>201 aircraft and 24,100 U.S. military men and women in the Gulf region.
>Eight of of the warships carry cruise missiles. Britain has 22 aircraft in
>the region, including 12 Tornado fighter planes deployed in Kuwait. Chief
>weapons inspector Richard Butler unilaterally ordered UNSCOM inspectors
>out of Iraq shortly before the attack.
>The people of Canada and the world will not stand for the fascist logic of
>US imperialism and will not allow the US to bring the world to the brink
>of another internecine world war.
>Stop the attack on Iraq!
>Oppose Canada's participation in this war against Iraq!
>Hands off Iraq!
>Ottawa-Hull HANDS OFF IRAQ! Committee
>For more information contact Robert Rival, Committee Coordinator
>tel: (613) 236-9570 or (613) 276-6968
>email: rr@magma.ca
Jamie Kneen 					     tel: 613.236.9188
4-259 Cambridge St. North		             fax: 613.236.8632
Ottawa, Ontario  K1R 7B1  Canada		e-mail: jkneen@web.net
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