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Thu 14 Jan: Year 2000 -- will you be prepared?

(If you cannot attend, pls forward to others who may be interested; thanks!)

The Millennium Bug -- Year 2000 Computer Problem -- will you be prepared?

Thursday 14 Jan., 7:30pm
McNabb Community Centre
Community Room (downstairs)
180 Percy St. just north of Gladstone

What are the causes of the Year 2000 Computer Bug?
Is our community prepared? Are you? Are your neighbours?
What will happen if the lights and heat go out?
What about food, water, security?


Learn the causes, possible consequences, ways to prepare yourself, your
family, your community
Get an Utne Reader Y2K Citizens Action Guide for a $3 contribution
Preview and buy an excellent Y2K Video

Contact: Terry Cottam, President, Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group, 236-6433
Website: http://y2k.inode.org
E-mail:  y2k-ottawa@inode.org
Or phone/fax 725-9651

"Individual preparedness for those who can
 Community preparedness for those who cannot"

We CAN be "Y2K-OK" -- if we work together!
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