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Invitation to the Tamil Thaipongal Celebration

Dear Friends,

the Tamil coordinating committee is pleased to invite you and you family and
friends to the Taipongal Festival, scheduled for 11am to 2pm, on Sunday
January 17, 1999. The event will be held at the St. Antony's hall
414 Boothe Street (Booth & Gladstone) Ottawa.

As you are aware, Thaipongal is the most important cultural festival of the
Tamil people and it is held annually on the first day of the Tamil month, 'Thai'
which usually falls on mid of January. The Tamil Coordinating Committee in 
the National Capital Region decided to celebrate this event on Sundaty(01/17/99)
The Thaip[ongal celebration includes a number of Tamil cultural events such as
Baratha Natyam dance, music and
and several other illustration on the significant(ce) of pongal festival. The celebration will be concluded
celebration will be concluded by serving authentic Tamil pongal and other short

We look forward to your participation at this very special celebration
of Tamil Canadians in The National Capital Region

Thank YOu

233 5050

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