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Meeting Tues. 3pm on Y2K by the RMOC

The Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group encourages citizens from across the
region to attend this meeting. 

When: 3pm, Tues. 19 Jan
Where: Champlain Room (2nd floor of Heritage Building) of the
Ottawa-Carleton Centre, at 111 Lisgar Street, Ottawa (at the corner of
Elgin and Laurier, just behind the Courthouse)

From Carole Lavigne
Manager of Communications
Year 2000 Program

14 January 1999 09:28 

Subject: Year 2000 -- Report for the Fourth Quarter of 1998   

This is to confirm that the Report for the Fourth Quarter of 1998 of the
Region's Year 2000 Task Force is scheduled to be received by the Region's
Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee on Tuesday, January
19, 1999, beginning at 3 p.m.

Please note that M. Greg Geddes, Director of the Year 2000 Program will be
making a presentation at that time.  

The Report will be released to the public, this Friday at 12 noon in the
Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee Agenda's section on
the web at www.rmoc.on.ca/2000  

Thank you. 

Carole Lavigne 


You can then join us at a y2k citizens information meeting the very next day:
Wed 20 Jan, 7:30 pm
McNabb Community Centre
180 Percy St. near Gladstone

To view the latest RMOC y2k report, visit http://y2k.inode.org 
Or call the RMOC to obtain a free copy.

For more information about upcoming y2k meetings, and how citizens can
prepare, call Terry Cottam, President, Y2K Centretown Preparedness Group at
Or call 725-9651 or 724-6021.
Or email y2k-ottawa@inode.org

"Individual preparedness for those who can
 Community preparedness for those who cannot"

We CAN be "Y2K-OK" -- if we work together!
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