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Radical Reading Group


A number of people in the ottawa area have decided that we would like to
form a radical reading group.  We've picked a meeting date to get started
...read on...

The idea for the radical reading group is to create a venue in which people
can read, discuss, and learn about social change lit., through discussion
with others.   Objectives include: keeping our visions of social change
dynamic and inspired, tying actions to theory, pushing the boundaries of
our thinking and knowledge  ... 
in a relaxed, open, fun and enjoyable setting.

The parameters are really wide open -- this meeting will be the first step
in setting out what we'd like it to become. 

The first meeting of the radical reading group will be held:

Wednesday, January 26 
85 Florence St. Apt. #2 (one street north of Gladstone, between Kent and

The meeting will be mostly to discuss logistics.

Proposed topics for the agenda include:

*Discussion of themes people are interested in reading about
* Brainstorming to get a list going of specific readings (we could even
design a "course outline" to carry us for a few months if we'd like)
* Deciding how often to meet
* Picking a venue
* Deciding how readings will be selected for each meeting
* Deciding how readings will be distributed in advance of each meeting

Many people have forwarded lots of ideas on all these issues, so this will
be the time to consolidate them and decide how we'll function. 

If you have any questions, contact me (Katie) at (kat@istar.ca or 567-7476


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