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Environmental Speaker Series 1998

 Environmental Speaker Series 1998, Carleton University
All discussions will be held from 7:30-8:30pm in Room 281, Tory Building.

January 26 "Climate Change: the Business of Environmental Risk"
Chris Henderson- CEO Delphi Group. Vice-Chair, Canadian Environmental
Industry Association. Senior advisor, GLOBE Foundation.

February 9 "Environmental Issues in Industry: Corporate Responsibility"
Jim Farrell- Director, Technical Affairs, Canadian Fertilizer Institute.
M.Sc. UNiversity of Guelph P.Eng.

February 16 "Sustainable Development: its Meaning and Mechanisms for its
Future Implementation"
Ann Dale- Senior Associate, Sustainable Development Research Institute,
University of British Columbia. Canadian Biodiversity Institute.

March 9 "The Effectiveness of International Conventions"
Robert W. Slater- Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment Canada. B.Sc.
(Eng) Associate Royal School of Mines, Diploma of Imperial College, Ph.D.

All are welcone. Free admission. For more information: Leigh Herbert at
lherbert@chat.carleton or 565- 0561.

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