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Public Forum on Globalization


Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Public Forum, Tuesday, January 26, 1999, 7:30 pm
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary, Ottawa
(Cleary runs North off Richmond, East of Woodroffe.
Paul's Diner is on the corner of Cleary & Richmond)

Bob Carty of CBC Television will chair a panel of
four speakers representing a wide range of opinion:

- Honourable Warren Allmand, President of the International
  Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development.

- Andrew Jackson, chief economist for the Canadian Labour Congress.

- Dr. Allan Maslove, Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs and
  Management at Carleton University.

- Owen Lippert - Fraser Institute.

Each speaker will address the following major questions:

1. What should be the objectives of the economy in Canada?
How can these objectives best be achieved?  What should be
the roles of business, governments and NGO's?

2. Please discuss the implications of global competition for
Canada. E.g.: Who are the winners and who are the losers?
Is our social safety net an asset or a drag on the economy?
How can Canada succeed in a world where many countries 
have much lower wages?  Can Canada maintain social and 
economic policies which differ significantly from those of 
other countries?

3. What are the beneficial and harmful effects of economic
globalization on less industrialized countries?  What arrangements 
would be of greatest benefit to people in those countries?

It is intended that this forum will be the first of a series of public 
events focussing on the broad subject of "Social Values and Our 
Economy".  The organizing committee is an interfaith group of 
members of the Unitarian congregation and a number of other 



Sustainability Project - Inviting Debate
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