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Canada and the Middle East - Ottawa, Jan. 29

                The Middle East Discussion Group


                 CANADA AND THE MIDDLE EAST:
	       Looking Ahead to the Next Century

			First Panel  (13:30 - 15:00)

			       Peter Bakewell
	(Deputy Director, Middle East Division, Department of Foreign Affairs)

			       Marilyn Cailler
	(Regional Analyst, Middle East & North Africa Division, CIDA)

			Second Panel  (15:15  16:30)  

			       David Goldberg
			(Canada-Israel Committee)

			       John Sigler
	(Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Carleton University)

			Date: Friday, January 29th 1999
			Time: 1:30  4:30 pm
			Place: Carleton University, Dunton Tower, room 2203
		       (Race Equity Lounge)
			Information: (613) 727-2768

Co-sponsored by the Canadians Concerned for the	Middle East, CEPAL, Jewish
Students Union (Carleton University), National Council on Canada-Arab

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