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Upcoming Event

Event: 		Varna: A solo exhibition of 			Photography by Ananda Kelly

Organized by: 	South Asia Partnership Canada

Where:			Carmel Art Gallery, 196 Bank Street, 			Ottawa

When:			January 31, 1999   -	2 PM  to  5 PM
			February 1, 1999   - 9 AM to  5 PM

What:			To celebrate International 			Development Week, there will be a
photography exhibition of the works 			of Ananda Kelly.  This will be
presented as a promotion for Varna, 			a photography project which hopes to
			raise awareness on the Untouchables 			of India. 

Background:	  	As the lowest in the rigid caste 			system that has defined
India for 			millions of years, the Untouchables 			are at once harshly
controlled and 			rejected by Indian civilization. 			Despite being banned
by law in 			recent years, the tyranny and 			violence of this racist
system 			continues to plague millions, 			leaving them with little hope or
			possibility of breaking free.
			In 1997/ 1998, Ananda Kelly traveled 			to South India for a placement
with 			Canadian Crossroads International.  			Here, she first encountered
the 			Untouchables of India. Through the 			medium of photography, she is
		seeking to raise awareness of the 			Untouchable plight and act as a
catalyst for societal change.  			Ananda plans to return to India this
year to continue the project, Varna.

More info:		Faruq Faisel
			Canadian Program Manager
			South Asia Partnership 
			Phone: (613) 241 - 1333
			Fax: (613) 214 1129
			E-mail: sap@web.net
			URL: www.sapcanada.org 

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