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lands for life events

hi all,

here are some upcoming events related to the lands for life program...

* thursday january 28, 7 pm.
ottawa public library, metcalfe & laurier.
- lands for life info night organized by cpaws.
- for info: 730-2797

* monday february 1, 7 pm.
424 unicentre, carleton university.
(oc transpo buses #7, #4, #118 - get off at the dunton tower stop.)
- opirg-carleton forestry group meeting.
- learn about the harris government's so-called lands for life program,
which aims to open up almost half of ontario to logging and mining. 
help organize a demonstration, which will take place on february 19.
if you're into painting banners, street theatre, and researching logging
corporations, check us out.
- for info: 520-2757 or 567-7244.

Mike Buckthought, OPIRG-Carleton Forestry group

"[Lands for Life] may well be the single most irresponsible decision ever
taken by a western government over its forest resources."
- Taiga News, December 1998-January 1999
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